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Introducing the new OPTIM Blue


  • Virucidal, bactericidal, tuberculocidal and fungicidal.
  • Superior cleaning performance
  • Economical
  • Safe
  • Fast
  • Broad spectrum sanitizing

Why use OPTIM Blue?

When selecting a cleaning and disinfecting product, decision makers will look to answer four questions: Does it clean well? Does it kill germs quickly? How safe is it to use? And how safe is it for the environment?
SciCan_AHP_LOGOHydrogen peroxide is the answer to all those questions, save for two — effective cleaning and fast disinfection. It was never stable enough to be practical as the foundation for a system of commercial disinfectant cleaners until accelerated hydrogen peroxide (AHP) was developed. AHP is the active ingredient in OPTIM Blue, which is made of a blend of commonly used, safe ingredients. When these ingredients are combined with low levels of hydrogen peroxide, it produces exceptional potency as a germicide and performance as a cleaner.

How safe is OPTIM Blue for the environment?

OPTIM Blue is readily biodegradable. Hydrogen peroxide decomposes to water and oxygen within moments of being properly discharged into a drainage system. Its AHP Technology (accelerated hydrogen peroxide) is also the first and only disinfectant cleaner technology approved and certified by EcoLogo – Environmental Choice Program.

How should my practice use OPTIM Blue?

Given its water base, OPTIM Blue will not evaporate quickly like alcohol-based formulas. It is specifically formulated for cleaning and disinfection of hard, non-porous environmental surfaces and non-critical medical devices and equipment including:

  • The entire dental unit, cuspidor, overhead lamp & handles (will not dry or crack vinyl and Naugahyde)
  • Operatory surfaces, trays, counters, plastics, pens
  • X-ray machines, sinks, cabinet handles
  • Computer keyboards, doorknobs, bathrooms, telephones, light switches

OPTIM Blue microbiological effectiveness

Test organism Test method Contact time
Virucidal Poliovirus type 1, Adenovirus type 5, Murine Parvovirus VR-1346 EN 14476 (dirty conditions) 1 Minute (at 20°C)
Bactericidal Staphylococcus aureus,Enterococcus hirae,Pseudomonas aeruginosa EN 13727 (dirty conditions) 1 Minute (at 20°C)
Tuberculocidal M. terrae EN 14348 (dirty conditions) 6 Minutes
Fungicide Candida albicans EN 13624 (dirty conditions) 10 Minutes


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