Water Pump

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Marque: SciCan

Statim Water Pump

This is a replacement for the Statim 2000S or G4

  • 01-101765S Pump - 200/240V, C
  • 01-102039S KIT-PUMP REPLACEMENT 230V, D

Water pump maintenance

1. Ensure a water reservoir filter is installed

a. New reservoir filter and reservoir cap (01-101783S)

b. Replacement reservoir filter (01-109300S)

2. Inspect and clean the water pump filters, if the machine is equipped with them

A replacement elbow fitting without an outlet filter is available as part # 01-111115S if the filtered fitting (shown above) becomes damaged beyond use.

Addition of In-line filter

In December 2007 an in-line filter was added between the water reservoir and the water pump inlet to address the issue of customers not using the reservoir filter. The purpose of this in-line filter is to stop debris from entering the Statim plumbing system when the reservoir filter is not used.

The in-line filter kit is available as part # 01-106637S and includes the filter and all necessary tubing. This filter should be replaced every 2000 cycles or every two years.

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