STATMAT protective cover for STATIM 2000 + G4

89,34 €
Product Details
UPC: 01-112867S
Marque: SciCan
Model: 2000S and G4

Keep your STATIM looking new with the STATIM silicone mat


Provide a safe and hygienic working area by securely seating the cassette on top of the STATIM.

  • Protects paintwork from accidental scuffs and scrapes, keeping your STATIM looking new for longer.
  • Helps dissipate heat and protects surfaces from damage caused by heat transfer from hot metal surfaces.
  • StatMats are available for both STATIM 2000 G4 (01-112867S) and STATIM 5000 G4 (01-112868S) autoclaves.
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