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STATIM 5000 Cassette Seals


STATIM 5000 Cassette Seals 01-101649S

New: SciCan Green

Seals should be changed every 500-800 cycles or every six months (whichever is first).

Don't forget the air filters!

  • Includes detailed instructions and high purity mineral oil for seal lubricant.
  • (MSDS download with purchase)
81 € In stock
Seal model 01-100028S 2000S Standard Cassette Seal (2000S) (0) 01-101649S 5000S Standard Cassette Seal (11) 01-110295S 7000 Cassette Seal Kit with O-Ring Kit (84)

The Statim G4 2000S and 5000S autoclaves are available in Europe!
SciCan Optim Blue cleaner disinfectant

Shop the STATIM.US store here if you are in the United States