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HYDRIM Hinged Instrument Rack


HYDRIM Hinged Instrument Rack 01-110409S

for all Hydrim washers

HYDRIM works to thoroughly wash and disinfect tattoo / piercing / body art equipment

Best used with the appropriate rack, baskets, cassette organizers, and mesh basket clamshells for small parts like tapers and disassembled tattoo tubes.

SysTM and SURGICAL cassette organizers above fit the HYDRIM rack system

75 € In stock
Hydrim vertical rack and hinged instrument racks installed
The Statim G4 2000S and 5000S autoclaves are available in Europe!
SciCan Optim Blue cleaner disinfectant

Shop the STATIM.US store if you are in the United States

SciCan Autoclave Family and AquaStat