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Anodizing is Awesome Training


Anodizing is Awesome Training AIA


A LIVE online one-on-one instructional course (Not a DVD) all about anodizing body jewelry. Approximately two hours by Google Hangout, Skype or telephone. Includes extensive documentation and membership to our private professional anodizing forum full of videos, photos and expert user advice.


Clean, safe, colorful jewelry


Expert Brian Skellie makes it easy for you to anodize your titanium and niobium body jewelry with detailed information and rationale, accompanied by live demonstration and step by step instructions. How can this surface finish process make a difference in your client's healing results? How can you re-anodize for client jewelry if the color has worn off? These questions and more answered in this class.

Topics covered:

+ How and why to include anodization into your workflow for a cleaner and less reactive titanium surface finish

+ Scientastic live demonstration!

+ How to offer instant coloration / re-colorization for customers

General Information

  • Free for anodizer owners purchased through our site.
  • Membership to a private online anodization group included for further information and inspiration.
  • Detailed educational guide and color chart as a PDF download with class.

€20 Discount for current anodizer owners and those who have already attended one of our Anodizing workshops

66 € In stock
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