Anodizer 220V

The Anodizer your studio needs!

  • The power to create scintillating colors, run larger baths and precise control.
  • It is the right power supply for both one of a kind and production anodizing of body jewelry.
  • Full digital voltage and amperage meters. 0 to 120 Volts.
  • Extremely fine controls for more color options, and more precision.
  • Anodizing titanium parts such as jewelry before sterilization and wear renders the surface smoother and passive.
  • The anodization process removes microscopic particulate matter that would otherwise be missed by acid or alkaline cleaning, solvents, steam and ultrasonic methods. [Reference – ASTM F86 standard method for surface finish and passivation]
  • This anodizer kit includes two sets of color coded leads, one plastic mesh basket, one stainless steel cathode, electrolyte and full instructions and support.
  • In addition, Brian Skellie‘s body art specific instruction, tips and tricks gathered over two decades of experience to color and passivate titanium and niobium body jewelry with safe and artistic effects.

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Bravo G4 Chamber Autoclave

5 976 €
Product Details
Marque: SciCan
Model: Bravo

The BRAVO G4 Chamber Autoclave is an EN13060 compliant Class B steriliser that addresses a dental office’s need for speed, capacity, safety, and efficiency. Its cutting-edge sterilisation technology incorporates both pre-sterilisation vacuum to improve steam penetration and post-sterilisation vacuum to improve drying.


  • The BRAVO G4 chamber autoclaves offer efficient cycle times, sterilising and drying instruments in as little as 33 minutes.
  • The delayed start feature allows the user to program cycles to begin at a later time; an effective feature when programming test cycles to begin before the start of the day.


  • Offering enough capacity to meet the needs of any size practice, the BRAVO G4 comes in 17L, 22L, or 28L chamber size.
  • The BRAVO G4 offers numerous filling and draining options, including manual top and front filling, and automatic filling and draining through ports at the back.
  • The accessory water equipment and the BRAVO G4 footprint allows options for any Stericentre set-up.

G4 Technology

Connectivity & Data Logging

  • Integrated G4 technology in the BRAVO G4 allows for reliable load release, documentation and data storage.
  • WiFi enabled G4 technology can connect and send cycle data to your smart devices or computer, providing easily accessible cycle data and maintenance information.
  • To help optimise office processes, the BRAVO G4 can be configured to email cycle information or error messages directly to office staff and/or service technicians.
Cycle 17L 22L 28L
Cycle Type Cycle Time (mins) Max. Load (kg) Cycle Time (mins) Max. Load (kg) Cycle Time (mins) Max. Load (kg)
134°C Universal B 42 6 46 7.5 56 9
134°C Hollow Unwrapped S 35 6 39 7.5 44 9
134°C Solid Wrapped S 33 6 39 7.5 45 9
134°C Prion B 56 6 60 7.5 70 9
121°C Universal B 58 6 63 7.5 69 9
134°C Helix Test N/A 20 N/A 24 N/A 24 N/A
Vacuum Test N/A 18 N/A 18 N/A 18 N/A
Custom (134°C or 121°C) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

BRAVO G4 Sterilisation, The Smarter Way.

The BRAVO G4, a Type B steriliser, incorporates both pre-sterilisation vacuum to improve steam penetration and post-sterilisation vacuum to improve drying. The option of 17L, 22L or 28L units and efficient turnover times ensure clinicians always have an ample supply of instruments ready for use, regardless of practice size


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