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StatDri Plates 5


StatDri Plates 5 01-103935

Stat-Dri Plates (pkg. Of 5) *Dramatically shortens drying time

  • Up to ten attach to the Statim 5000 unwrapped rack.

4.3 Statim 5000 — STAT-DRI Plates

The Statim 5000 cassette uses STAT-DRI plates to enhance the drying process for wrapped instruments. The adjustable plates are designed for the unwrapped instruments rack and eliminate the need for a separate wrapped instrument rack. Up to ten plates can be arranged along the length of the rack. Each unit is shipped with five STAT-DRI plates. Additional plates may be ordered from SciCan (SciCan part number 01-103935).

To install and adjust a STAT-DRI plate, follow these steps:

  1. Hold a plate over the desired position, tilted slightly forward with the tabs down.
  2. Insert the tabs between the mesh of the unwrapped instrument rack.
  3. Each tab has an elongated slot. Slide the plate until the wire is at the end of each slot.
  4. Release the plate to the resting position.
  5. Prepare and load instruments for sterilization.
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