STATIM 5000S Classic (No Printer)

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STATIM 5000S; No internal printer, with standard cassette

The Statim 5000S Cassette Autoclave has a greater capacity than the 2000S due to a larger cassette. More than twice the volume and the tray is 3 inches deep.

Printer or Data Logger available.

More instruments can be sterilised during a working day than in any B-cycle steriliser because of the efficiency of the 11 minute cycle of the Statim 5000S for unwrapped instruments.

Compact enough to fit into patient treatment areas, it is ideal for the larger and busy practice or clinic.

Please note: The Statim cassette autoclave (both 2000S and 5000S) will be delivered with 1 standard cassette, 1 bottle of 57ml STAT-Dri Spray and the Statim-Helix with 20 emulators.

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